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The word personality is derived from the Latin persona, which describes the masks used by theatrical actors to conceal their identities or assume other roles.  Everybody has a distinct identity or personality. The things that make us who we are are a combination of our actions, feelings, ways of thinking, and motives. Also, it has been proven by research that our genetic makeup and environment play a part in establishing and moulding our personalities. This includes how we were nurtured. 

What kind of personality are you then? Are you viewed as the reserved person in your group of friends who always lets others take the lead? Or, are you seen as the dominant one who is ready to take the lead? Answering these simple questions will give you a description of who you are and tell you how others see you.

Whenever you think about opposites, one of the pairs that almost always comes to mind is fire and ice. The symbolism of both elements cannot be overstated. Although fire has long been associated with passion and intensity, it may also signify violence, impatience, and arrogance. On the other hand, ice stands for strength, drive, and intelligence. The harshness of a winter storm is comparable to that of persons with ice personalities, who can be equally icy and brutal. 

Achieving a balance between the two forces would be ideal, even if many people tend to fall more into one of the two categories. Considering that we cannot be the jury, judge and executioner, we will leave it up to you by taking our short quiz to find out where exactly you fit in. We have developed our own metric to aid you in self-assessment. At the end of the quiz, you should know your personality type based on the points scored. 

  1. Which of these words describes you? 
    1. Calm – 10
    2. Loyal – 20
    3. Confident – 30
    4. Passionate – 40
  1. What are you motivated by?
    1. Family – 10
    2. Money – 20
    3. Fame – 30
    4. Power – 40
  1. Which of these jobs did you want when you were younger? 
    1. Doctor – 10
    2. Teacher – 20
    3. Actor/actress – 30
    4. Law enforcement officer – 40
  1. Which of these celebs reminds you of yourself? 
    1. Johnny Depp – 10
    2. Greta Thunberg – 20
    3. Lebron James – 30
    4. Floyd Mayweather – 40
  1. In your group of friends, you are… 
    1. The peacemaker – 10
    2. The fun one – 20
    3. The leader – 30
    4. The brains – 40
  1. You like to be around people who are… 
    1. Kind – 10
    2. Intelligent – 20
    3. Hard-working – 30
    4. Sensible – 40
  1. Which of these things do you struggle with? 
    1. Laziness – 10
    2. Jealousy – 20
    3. Impatience – 30
    4. Rudeness – 40
  1. What do you do when conflict arises? 
    1. Try to find a solution – 10
    2. Panic – 20
    3. Ignore it – 30
    4. Get angry – 40

Based on your responses, if you scored between: 

  • 100 to 150 points, your element is Water
  • 151 to 200 points, your element is Ice
  • 201 to 250 points, your element is Fire
  • 251 to 300 points, your element is Volcano

To learn more about personality types and how they can inform your choice for a partner, stay tuned for Episode 1 of The DOM Podcast where our hosts Angela and Muriel will talk about their different personalities. Which of them is fire? Which of them is water? 

Watch out for The DOM Podcast, launching in January 2023!

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