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Hey, TITANS! TITA Shop is currently offering free access to download 5 positive affirmations wallpapers in HD for your phone. Oh, and there’s a bonus multi-purpose phone and PC lockscreen too so be sure to scroll all the way down! 

Your mind is your most powerful tool. Cultivating a sane mental space and gaining total control over your mind is key to living in the present. If you’re struggling with a flow of negative thoughts disrupting or dulling your thought process, that’s okay. And please, don’t beat yourself up! A positive mental diet can help cure this dilemma and empower you to manifest more positive feelings and outcomes in your life.

It is said that what you see, you become. The question, then, is: what are you looking at? What images get imprinted on your brain on a daily?

Repetition is the mechanism that enables (re)programming. Repetition makes it possible for your conscious mind to pass on directives to your subconscious mind for it to in turn make auto-suggestions that may influence your self-talk, spiritual frequency, relationship with yourself and others, and more. In fact, thoughts are things and thoughts create your life, so consume what can fuel you to become who you really want to be.

In this fast-moving world, limiting device time is essential to experience a more present and mindful life. However, as phones remain an integral tool enabling our day to day activities, why not program them to enable us positively in our growth and well-being? This is where your choice of phone lockscreen or phone homescreen matters. Every time you reach out for your phone, let the uplifting words on your phone’s wallpaper echo one more time at the subconscious level for your greatest good.

Perhaps you’d love to feel wealthier, calmer, more confident and courageous. Or perhaps, you want to keep your mood up with good vibes only. The good news is that we have HD phone wallpapers for each of these inner development and personal development goals and you can download them right here, right now on TITA Shop!

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Download free phone lockscreens, phone homescreens and multi-purpose phone and PC/laptop lockscreens on TITA Shop.
A view of TITA Shop, your positive affirmations corner.

1. Attract wealth

2. Nurture a peaceful state

3. Generate courage and self-confidence

4. Raise your vibe!

5. Build resilience


Allow God to guide your spirit and re-invent your path for your greatest good. This bonus phone lockscreen looks equally good as a PC lockscreen.

This bonus phone lockscreen looks equally good as a PC lockscreen. Download this positive affirmation wallpaper in TITA Shop now!

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