TITA Productions


Who We Are

TITA Productions is a media communications and content production company registered in Ghana and serving global audiences and clients. Founded by Angela Akua Asante aka Triple A. The name “TITA” is the acronym of the founder’s tag line, “This Is Triple A”.


We pledge to elevate consciousness and enable a better future by creating quality and inspiring content and programmes that align with our values. As a content production company, we aim to guide our audiences in accessing their best selves.

We endeavour to become and remain a global benchmark for all the values we represent.


Partner with TITA Productions

There is a world of possibilities that gets unlocked when two entities come together.
Do you have a product to advertise or a message to spread?
We have the niche audiences you’re targeting: TITA Productions is fast-assembling an army of audiences that fundamentally adhere in the development of their mindset, career, finances, mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Partnering with us means you’re choosing trustworthiness, authenticity, reliability, and growth.
And that, honestly, is a pretty cool choice!