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So you are a business wondering how to build customer trust online, or a professional looking to craft a trustworthy online persona? You’re at the right place! Truth be told, trust is one of the hardest things to earn and the easiest to lose. When you’re first starting to build your brand, gaining the trust of your target audiences or prospective clients and keeping the trust of those you already know is a make-or-break matter.

In today’s digital world where almost everything has become superficial, many people struggle to make real connections due to the lack of trust. It is therefore imperative to create a trustworthy online persona, as far as cultivating a rich network goes in this era. It can help you build relationships, gain credibility, and increase your visibility. That said, here are four easy things to consider in order to gain the trust of whoever comes across your profile on the internet. 

1. Be Authentic

Be authentic - building an online persona. Create a trustworthy online persona that adhere to your values and beliefs to gain the trust of people on the internet.

The first step to creating a trustworthy online persona is to be authentic. It is important to be yourself and show your true personality. People will be able to tell if you are trying to be someone you are not. You should also make sure that your online presence reflects your real-life values and beliefs. For example, if you are passionate about a certain cause, make sure to share that with your followers. This will help you build trust and credibility with your online audience. 

Still on authenticity, you want to stay clear of catfishing practices which include using another person’s profile picture, leaving your bio blank or filling it up with fake information, and having very little or no content at all on your pages.

2. Be Consistent (to gain customer trust or strengthen your online identity)

The second step to creating a trustworthy online persona is to be consistent. You should post regularly and respond to comments and messages in a timely manner. This will show your followers that you are reliable and dependable.

Additionally, you should make sure that your posts are consistent with your brand and message. That is, regardless of whether or not your content attracts comments. Your consistency may or may not get you as much traction as you wish for the time being, but it sure will give you points when it comes to gaining the trust of anyone who looks you up on the internet. Be selective about what you post. Let it be relevant to your business’ offering or your career aspirations.

Build a trustworthy online persona. Tips to be consistent. Published by TITA Blog -- Developer of Mindsets (DOM).

For example, if you are a small business owner, do not use your business account for personal posts, comments, or likes. Keep your activity strictly about your business with your business account. If you are a student or a professional seeking new opportunities in the job market, keep your social media activity consistent with your career development goals. Say you wish to evolve in tech, endeavor to post and engage more in tech-related topics. Or perhaps, you see yourself evolving in cinematography. Well, consistently build your portfolio of images and videos.

Consistency will help you create a cohesive online presence that can go a long way toward increasing your sales as a business or helping you stand out as a job applicant in the eyes of stalking recruiters.

3. Be Professional 

The third tip to creating a trustworthy online persona is to be professional. 

You should always use proper grammar and spelling when posting online. Especially if you manage a brand, you definitely want to avoid being flagged as a scammer. As best described by a corporate security manager in a City National Bank post educating readers about detecting fraud, “bizarre phrasing, awkward English, poor grammatical choices, incorrect punctuation, or simply weird spacing or capitalization” form potential fraud red flags. Demarcate yourself from these fraudulent traits by applying a good command of whatever language you communicate in on the internet. This may sound like grammar police is after you, but it’s also one of the vital ways to build customer trust online.

Additionally, keep it clean: avoid posting anything that could be seen as offensive or inappropriate, and be quick to delete any spammy posts that hijack your profiles or posts online. This will help you maintain a professional image and ensure that your followers take you seriously. 

4. Be Proactive 

Build a trustworthy online persona. Tips to be proactive. Published by TITA Blog -- Developer of Mindsets (DOM).

The fourth step to creating a trustworthy online persona is to be proactive. You should engage with your followers by liking their posts, commenting on their content, and sharing their work. This will show them that you care about them and value their opinion. 

Are you managing a brand? don’t rule out the importance of applying a marketing strategy. This will help you build relationships and expand your reach. Reach out to influencers in your industry or people with similar interests and explore avenues to collaborate with them. Or again, execute campaigns to legitimately increase your followers’ count whilst continuing to offer valuable content. And remember, ask your happy customers and clients to leave you good reviews in order to build trust with new customers online!

If you are an individual, know that your network can have a massive impact on your net worth. Engage in conversations where you can either seek advice or receive some. Send connection requests to people who can add value to you and vice-versa. Publish a blog to showcase your works, your journey, or what you stand for. Or again, upload your portfolio with clear illustrations of what you do and offer. You may even want to radically shut down accounts where you are not active anymore in order to concentrate on the ones you can manage. In a nutshell, let people feel you are real, alive, active, and reachable when they come across your pages.

How to build trust online: our concluding thoughts

To conclude, trust is the basis for every real relationship or connection. Put yourself in the shoes of someone looking up your name or that of your brand. Would you feel at ease interacting with that person or entity? Would you be able to describe in one sentence what they’re all about per the information published?

In this era where AI and automation are taking over the digital ecosystem, the duty lies within us to create trustworthy online personas. By following these four easy steps above, you can create an online presence that will fulfill your desire to gain more customers, increase sales, or unlock career opportunities.

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