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Hey Titans! This is Angela Akua Asante, a.k.a Triple A. You’re listening to The DOM Podcast, your trusted Developer Of Mindsets. I’m your host, and I’m joined by my co-host…

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Muriel Tekou. Each episode on The DOM Podcast is designed to enlighten your spirit, strengthen your mindset…

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…and offer guidance on all things Career Development, Inner Development, Financial Growth

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and Mind and Body Therapy!

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You will grow…

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You will laugh…

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You will connect…

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You will relax…

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and manifest. This is The DOM Podcast!

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Raise your Vibe! (Jingle)

Host Triple A 0:56
Welcome back, TITANS! This is Episode 2 of The DOM Podcast. Wow! January is, well, being January.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 1:05
Oh, yeah!

Host Triple A 1:07
(Laughter) January is like this long month, where there seems to be like 143 days inside. I don’t know if… (Laughter)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 1:14
I know, I know. And hang in there guys, because we all know January is like a tough month. We know that. And after December enjoyment and overspending coupled up with the reality of having to go back to work, and the long list of goals, the hard decisions to make, the transitions. Ouh! January is a packed month!

Host Triple A 1:38
It’s a super packed month, guys! It’s one of those months that, it’s like if months were people, the month would be like shouting at you and saying, “Yo! You better come prepared!”(Laughter) For me, the month of January is like make or break like, I would say…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 1:57
And it sets the tone for the year.

Host Triple A 1:59
It does, it does. So the good news, guys, is we at TITA Productions came prepared!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 2:06
Oh yeah!

Host Triple A 2:06
We did the plan like… we planned this entire podcast thing and stuff because at this point for us what really matters is giving you quality, you know. Quality content, making sure that you guys have the best podcast streaming experience, that we’re consistent. So we want to make sure that the podcast that we are producing -and we are super happy to do this second episode- fuels parts of, you know, your support system, that it gets you going for the entire year.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 2:42
Absolutely. And we literally overplanned. When we say overplanned… We’ve been playing this since last year. And I feel like that’s the thing about New Year’s. Don’t think that the New Year starts in January. New Year doesn’t start in January. You prepare New Year way before January.

Host Triple A 3:01

Co-host Muriel Tekou 3:01
So that when you begin the year 2023, you hit the ground running like they say.

Host Triple A 3:09
Exactly… yeah! And I think it’s like the trick of writing a to-do list on Sunday nights just before an entire packed and challenging week. Like, it gives you the direction you need to go through your Monday and stuff on the right tone. So…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 3:28
Yeah, so definitely… so guys, this episode is all about us reflecting on whatever happened in 2022. Like, career-wise; love maybe?

Host Triple A 3:39
(Laughter) Mm-hmm!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 3:39
Ouh, Angela! Looks like… Oh! Why are you laughing? (Laughter) So we will be reflecting on everything. So guys, stay with us as we unpack all of that in our first segment called…

Host Triple A 3:52
“Walk the Talk!” (Jingle)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 4:00
Okay, so the topic today is about reflection. So just us reminiscing about last year, the good and the bad and how it launched us into 2023. What we learned from 2022 and what we decided to carry with us to ensure a successful 2023.

Host Triple A 4:21
Mmm-hmm! Okay, this is true. So Muriel, when you look at the past year 2022. What were your own personal experiences? And what are the lessons that you took from that year, and which helped you launch yourself on such a good note in 2023?

Co-host Muriel Tekou 4:46
Now that’s a great question and definitely the topic of the day. So for me, 2022 was a year of growth and unexpected manifestation I would say. I… there are things that I wrote in 2020, even in 2021, that happened to me in 2022. You see what I mean? Something that I wanted to have since 2020 that actually manifested itself in 2022. And mainly, it was about… and also… So career-wise, definitely, I’ve been remote since 2021. But 2022 was the moment where I became really comfortable into just feeling enough with remote work, because I ended up with like, really, really good gigs; really, really good projects, projects that actually helped me to unleash the creativity inside of me, that was 2022 for me. And then, the way that launched me in 2023, is that I know for sure now that this year, I do not want to work or ever accept a project that doesn’t stimulate my creativity.

Host Triple A 6:06

Co-host Muriel Tekou 6:07
That, I know and 2022 did that for me. And the second thing that 2022 did for me was growth. I feel like we never stopped growing, that’s for sure. But I grew so much in 2022 on a personal level, because, of course, motherhood. Motherhood, for me was a big thing in 2022. So like, guys, I live in Ghana. My parents are in Togo. And then, because I work in Ghana and stuff for some time made, my daughter was like with my parents going to school in Togo and stuff. And then like I said, since 2020, I’ve been planning for my daughter to come to me fully, to be staying with me and stuff like that, and to allow my parents to rest as well. So something that I wanted to like manifest in 2020 became reality in 2022. So here I am. In like May of last year, I became a full-time mother and that?! Nothing prepares you for the lessons that you learn.

Host Triple A 7:15

Co-host Muriel Tekou 7:15
Ouh, ouh, ouh!

Host Triple A 7:15

Co-host Muriel Tekou 7:15
I wish there was a manual for that but there’s none. And every single day is a discovery. It’s like, you are teaching a human being how to become somebody great, somebody beautiful in the society, and then you’re also fighting your own battle. So it does teach you a lot of resilience. Well, for me, I already had resilience, but it really strengthened my resilience.

Host Triple A 7:45
What about tolerance?

Co-host Muriel Tekou 7:46
Tolerance? High level, because kids will… (Laughter) Oh! You will literally remove hair from your scalp. But like… it teaches you patience. So 2022 taught me a lot of patience.

Host Triple A 8:00
All of that, yeah.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 8:01
It taught me patience. It taught me how to just go for gigs and projects that actually stimulate my creativity. And what could it be again?

Host Triple A 8:13
Yeah, and s projects that stimulate your creativity. I think that’s also how the damn podcast came about.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 8:20
Absolutely. Absolutely. And, and love. I feel like I found love.

Host Triple A 8:25
You did… Love it for you, yah!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 8:26
I did find love in 2022 and friendship. Friendship with you, because I met you in 2022 as well.

Host Triple A 8:37
No, 2021.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 8:38
Was it?

Host Triple A 8:39
2021 you reached out and we saw each other for the first time in November 2021. But we were not friends…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 8:46
… Until March 2022.

Host Triple A 8:48
Until February.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 8:49
Oh, see, I’ve got the dates messed up!

Triple A and Muriel Tekou 8:54

Co-host Muriel Tekou 8:54
But like yeah, yeah! So like, beautiful, beautiful… I met beautiful people in 2022. I started the year traveling because I really am a traveler. I love traveling.

Host Triple A 9:05
She hikes. She hikes a lot.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 9:06
Yeah, I hike a lot.

Host Triple A 9:08
I don’t.

Host Triple A 9:08
So 2022, I started the year traveling but then I stopped when I became a full-time mother at home. But then, I’m starting again this year in 2023. We said, didn’t we?

Host Triple A 9:22
Uh… (Laughter)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 9:22
What do you mean, “Uhh”? We said we’re going to travel this year.

Host Triple A 9:27
Yeah, but I’m not hiking.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 9:28
You are hiking! (Teasing)

Host Triple A 9:30
I’m not. (Whispering)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 9:30
See friendship is like a whole package. When I hike, you hike.

Host Triple A 9:35

Co-host Muriel Tekou 9:35
Final! (Teasing) But yeah, but 2022 was definitely a year of like manifestation for me and I can’t wait to see how this year actually unfolds for me — especially for The DOM Podcast. For me on a personal level, on a career level. It’s just, I feel like it’s gonna be even more beautiful.

Host Triple A 9:57
Even more beautiful. I think when it comes to The DOM Podcast, basically… So we basically kind of like conceived it as in, we brought it to the world in 2022. And our goals for the year 2023 is to make sure that we are super consistent with the quality that we give you with the podcast. So we’re really happy about that. I think, when it comes to me, for the year 2022, and how I reflect on it, I would say the year 2022 taught me alignment as never before. Because I would feel very strongly about something that I want. And I think in 2022, when I would say, “Okay, let me put that into prayer,” it just almost manifested like that. And you know the story, how I told my dad, “I need someone for my podcast”.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 10:56
Oh yeah!

Host Triple A 10:57
“… and to be my Marketing Lead”, and my dad is like, “Let’s put it into prayer.” And I wanted it so bad. And the following week, we start chatting, and you’re like, “Yeah, I want to join your project.”

Co-host Muriel Tekou 11:06

Host Triple A 11:07
You just came like that! (Laughter)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 11:08
I know, yeah.

Host Triple A 11:10
You know?

Co-host Muriel Tekou 11:11
So that’s instant manifestion.

Host Triple A 11:12
Exactly. And for me, 2022 has just been a series of pieces, you know, suddenly appearing from out of nowhere, coming together, especially at business level. And guys, there is more detail about that on the blog post, “How The DOM Podcast came into being.”

Co-host Muriel Tekou 11:12
“Came into being”…

Host Triple A 11:29
Exactly! On Tita blog, www.TITAproductions.com. (Spells it out) But having said that, I would say the biggest takeaway from 2022, for me, was something that I kind of like coined, at least for myself is: “Angela, know when to enter and when to exit — whether it’s a job, whether it’s a crypto investment, whether it’s a conversation, like anything, you have to know when to enter, and know where to exit.” And this, I feel, you know, that people fall into bad situations, because I think they’re attempting to cook fresh opportunities or experiences with expired ingredients, with expired connections, expired environments, expired elements. It just won’t work. So I think, to be honest, from content that I consume, or that I see out there, I feel that the art of entering and exiting is not being talked about enough. Because I think we have to talk more about it, because it’s all about the highest level of intuition. And it is possible when you are in total alignment with your own divine clock, and I say divine clock because we all have our own clock. Even twins don’t have exactly the same path or…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 13:02
and the same purpose or the same values.

Host Triple A 13:05

Co-host Muriel Tekou 13:05
Because it goes back to even being aligned with, like I said, about career and stuff like that.

Host Triple A 13:05

Co-host Muriel Tekou 13:06
It’s like you have to be very grounded in your values. And you have to know where you’re going. So that you know who to partner with, you know when to take a project or when to take a gig.

Host Triple A 13:25

Co-host Muriel Tekou 13:25
Or whether… because you won’t take something that doesn’t align with your values, would you?

Host Triple A 13:30
Exactly! So at the core, I think that this requires us to practice two things. So number one, you have to learn how to surrender, how to let go. As humans, we have our own perspective and we kind of tend to want to control everything so much, you know. And the second thing, like I said, is really exercising your muscle of faith. But you have to also…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 13:56
Ouh! Faith was a big one for me in 2022 as well. Faith was really a big one.

Host Triple A 14:01

Co-host Muriel Tekou 14:02
Because the thing is, you… It’s like so important. And you said something about surrender, which is so important. Because sometimes when you have a desire deep inside of you, you really want it to come as fast as possible. But it’s okay to surrender this desire to God and to allow these things to happen in divine timing, because the thing is, sometimes whatever you desire will come to you and trust me that you do not have the ability to handle it.

Host Triple A 14:35
Exactly. You are not ready for that.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 14:36
You do not, you’re not ready.

Host Triple A 14:37
Now there’s something about when you say, “Hey, then it’s going to happen in divine way.” Usually there are going to be signs. So you you have to be very honest with yourself with a lot of humility and say, you know, “I need to have the obedience to act upon the signs.”

Co-host Muriel Tekou 14:54

Host Triple A 14:54
… to guide you towards the entrance or the exit that you need to do ON TIME!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 15:02

Host Triple A 15:03
So here’s a trick that I’m going to share with you guys. It really worked for me: quit saying, or maybe listening to some of those songs that say, “Oh, I met you or you are the right person at the wrong time.” Those kinds of things? It doesn’t serve you. It doesn’t serve you! Believe in meeting the right people, things places at the right time, for the right purpose, like, you know. Believe in the righteousness of your path.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 15:31
Yeah. And it goes back to alignment.

Host Triple A 15:33
Exactly. Absolutely.

Host Triple A 15:35
One thing I would say, when I look back, also in 2022 –and I know I have so much to say about this topic– is that God placed people and things in my life that were actually temporary. And indirectly through them, I found solutions or, you know, answers to some of the dilemmas that I was facing. But in reality, those people didn’t necessarily have the best intentions for me. But God is an all knowing God, and He knows the hearts of the people. And so like, it’s like, the joke’s on them, you know. You see what I mean? So God took them out of my path. And if, with my heart that has naturally a lot of compassion, if I wanted to hold on to them, it would have been a big mistake on my part. So really, learn to let go. And I’m not talking about connections that are rooted in love and clarity of intentions. If it’s a connection that is full of love, even if you know you are entering a difficult season, you have to work through it, you have to be committed and make it work because God put that person in your path for a reason. And you are meant to be together. So that brings me to the next thing. And this one, I think you taught me that, Muriel, in 2022. Do you want to guess?

Co-host Muriel Tekou 16:56
Mm-mm… I don’t know… Like… what did I…? Mmm.. I don’t know. Go ahead.

Host Triple A 17:03
Okay. I see you smiling like you kind of know, but you don’t want to say that, you know?

Co-host Muriel Tekou 17:09
No… (Laughter) I do not know. (Laughter)

Host Triple A 17:10
Okay, so 2022 taught me that unexpected gifts exist.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 17:16
Mmm… yeah.

Host Triple A 17:17
Because I’m talking about not even knowing that something or someone can actually happen in a way that you know, when it does happen, that person or that thing teaches you to go way past your limits, to do some deep and uncomfortable introspection in a way that makes you grow outside your comfort zone, but also in a way that brings you so much more excitement, and so much more joy, so much more love, so much more depth in your life, you know, so much more excitement of what’s next and you become more optimistic. And the reality is that even we make the most of each day, but I know that our best days are still ahead of us.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 17:20

Host Triple A 17:21
And for me those unexpected gifts in 2022 were… you!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 18:07
Owh! (Laughter) No, same.

Host Triple A 18:10
Thanks for existing.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 18:10
Seems like it goes both ways. It goes both ways because, yeah… no, go ahead.

Host Triple A 18:15
Yeah. Thanks for existing in my universe. And also, I think the other unexpected gift was the environment, like, the platform that kind of like formed on my feet for me to relaunch TITA Productions mind company, which had been there for a while, and I was thinking… but I had different plans. And I was like, “Okay, maybe I’m gonna relaunch in 2023 or 2024.” And things just happened unexpectedly. And finally, it happened in 2022. So it’s such an immense joy to do that. And to do that with you as well.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 18:48
No, absolutely. Not that that was beautiful. And I’m happy that 2022 was a year of like, manifestation, redirection, unexpected answered prayers, I would say. And what is like… the thing is, it became a foundation for what we’re about to create in 2023. On an individual level, but also on a professional level with The DOM Podcast.

Host Triple A 19:22
Yeah, absolutely. And I think one thing I should add, and I know I’m talking a lot, but this 2022 thing, but the year was so packed on so many levels. Is that even, you know, career wise, for example, as a consultant, or should I say, as an independent contractor… You know, after I ended my mission at the French Embassy in the fourth quarter of the year 2021, the year 2022 came in, and, you know, there were so many amazing opportunities, but also there were challenges. And one thing for sure, like I mentioned before, is it all comes down to knowing when when to enter, and when to exit. And I’m really strong about this particular thing because, you know, you have to know as a professional, when to resign from a job and pick another one — perhaps in a different field, perhaps in the same field. But this is a big one out there for all the professionals out there. And here’s the thing, you have to build the right mental paradigm to pick the right career growth strategy. Because it’s key, like it’s super, super key to equip yourself in the first place with the ability to exit when it’s time to do so. Sometimes you work in an environment, and all the signs are like, “Maybe they want to sack me?” Maybe you want to resign first before they sack you? But you need to be prepared to be able to actually, you know, let go.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 20:53
Absolutely. And I think if you have to wrap this up, if I have to ask you a question, what are three things that you… What are three pillars on which you’re standing, for 2023? What are three things that you really want to carry along with you? Three lessons, or maybe three values that you want to carry along with you for the entire year of 2023?

Host Triple A 21:19
Hmmm… I think my unflinching faith. I think discipline. I need a lot of discipline because I want to, I want to really come up victorious of my goal to become fit physically. Because I took on a lot of weight.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 21:42
Girl, I am here for yah!.

Triple A and Muriel Tekou 21:44

Host Triple A 21:46
My fitness trainer. (Laughter) So there’s… Yeah, I think discipline, I think faith. And I think the third thing which is so important, is having that happy-go-lucky soul. Being so happy and joyful.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 22:00
Yeah, that’s definitely… And I think for me, it would be… number one, on the top of the list: this year, I’m in a soft girl season.

Host Triple A 22:12
That’s it!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 22:12
Nobody should even try to stress me you will be wasting your time. Because I’m such in a mood of like Soft Girl season. It’s like, I’m traveling, I’m taking care of myself, and I’m just being extremely happy. And the second thing for me will be listening. I’m going to… this year, I want to listen more. I want to listen to what people are saying, I want to listen to my heart. I want to listen to… I want to pay attention to my intuitions. I want to talk less and really allow people… really be there for anyone that God will probably put on my path that I’m supposed to probably help or bless somehow. But I want to really have my ears open and also listen to the Divine because, sometimes, God be speaking to you but because you do noisy, you do not hear. So I really want to have that for 2023. And the third thing, the final thing is: you know as mothers, the way you’re constantly guilt-tripping yourself like, you’re like, “Oh, probably I’m not doing enough,” and stuff? This year. I want to give myself a lot of grace, as I try my best to raise a very self-aware child. But I also want to give myself a lot of grace. A lot of like… I want to tap myself on the back as much as possible.

Host Triple A 22:12
Give you flowers!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 23:18
Give me flowers as much as possible because I remember, last year, I didn’t do that enough. I got into a place of burnout. And this year, I just want to flow and allow my daughter to be her own person, but also give her as much as direction as possible. But like, when I can take my hands off the wheel, I take my hands off the wheel and I give it to God. (Laughter) So…

Host Triple A 24:00

Co-host Muriel Tekou 24:00
Cheers to 2023!

Host Triple A 24:02
Yeah! Cheers to 2023! Guys, share your thoughts, share your aspirations with us in the group, “The DOM Hangout”. It’s our Facebook group where we are building a fantastic, supportive community of Titans. So we would love to hear from you and can also tweet us at @TheDOMpodcast.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 24:19
Yeah. And if you are in this January phase, guys, where you deeply feel for a career shift, read this blog post on our website, TITAproductions.com. And the blog post is titled, “5 signs it’s time to change careers: What to do next?” Yeah, so we hope it helps!

Host Triple A 24:42
Hope it helps, guys!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 24:43

Host Triple A 24:43
(Jingle) Now let’s dive into our next segment called “Fascination”; a segment where we share with you one of our great findings of the week…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 25:00
… and give a solid shout out to an entrepreneur currently launching or doing something very unique.

Triple A and Muriel Tekou 25:07
It’s Fascination time!!! (Jingle)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 25:21
Okay, guys. So you know how in Episode 1 we were talking about this Nigerian entrepreneur called Renee Chuks who produces pasta made of cassava and plantain, right?

Host Triple A 25:33
Mm-hmm! I remember! So what do you have for us today? Food again, right? (Laughter)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 25:36
Of course! Food.

Triple A and Muriel Tekou 25:36

Co-host Muriel Tekou 25:39
No, today we’re talking about an Ethiopian enterpreneur called Yonas Alemu. And guess what? He was a former investment banker for a whole 17 years.

Host Triple A 25:51

Co-host Muriel Tekou 25:51
17 years! And he worked at places like Credit Suisse, and JP Morgan. And here he is today completely transformed into an agro processor.

Host Triple A 26:05
Damn! Like, talk about a whole reinvention!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 26:08
I know, right! In 2016, he founded a health food company called Lovegrass Ethiopia. And this is what he does, basically. He produces a range of products made out of Ethiopia’s staple grain, Teff, and of other Ethiopian

Host Triple A 26:26
Woaw! Honestly, just the idea of making something out of what is local to you is maybe the most simple thing to think about. But in this environment, in Africa, it is not necessarily the most simple thing to do from a logistics point of view. And for this reason, I mean, we don’t see enough indigenous-owned companies producing top quality products with local materials.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 26:55
Absolutely. That’s why we have to applaud the Nigerian… like Renee Chuks and Yonas. They’re doing fantastic.

Host Triple A 27:02
Yeah! Yonas too!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 27:02
And it’s amazing to see people like them making things happen with like, you know, local products. And something about quality in his products, per reviews: Lovegrass Ethiopia seems to not compromise on two things. First of all, on making sure the business is impactful for local farmers. And secondly, on making sure that the company provides value and uniqueness in the superfood industry.

Host Triple A 27:32
Yeah, absolutely. The thing is, you know, Teff is one of the world’s superfoods, right. It’s high in fiber, it’s gluten free, just like…

Triple A and Muriel Tekou 27:40

Host Triple A 27:41
It’s packed with vitamins and minerals. It’s packed with protein.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 27:47
Mm-mm-mm-mmh! (Laughter) Ouh! And so one of the star products of Lovegrass Ethiopia is definitely the Teff-based pasta and cereals and pancake mix. The brand promises to insert an even wider range of products as time goes on. So we wish Yonas all the best with Lovegrass Ethiopia.

Host Triple A 28:06
And we absolutely love it for him.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 28:08
And one thing we love even more is that he has already penetrated the international market.

Host Triple A 28:15
Wow, that’s what’s up! that’s what’s up! (Laughter) I mean, if you do a product, you want to make sure that people get access to it so I’m really loving it for me.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 28:23
Absolutely, and even it’s not just in Africa. It’s also international, you know. Everybody gets to discover your product.

Host Triple A 28:31

Co-host Muriel Tekou 28:31
And just to quote from something I picked up through the page of Mimi Kalinda, the CEO and co-founder of Africa Communications Media Group…

Host Triple A 28:40
Hey! Mimi Kalinda. Yeah, shout-outs. Sorry, I just need to give shout-outs to Mimi and I hope we link up very soon.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 28:48

Host Triple A 28:48
Mimi, if you’re listening to us today, I hope we do. So yeah. (Laughter)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 28:52

Host Triple A 28:53
You were saying, yeah?

Co-host Muriel Tekou 28:54
Yeah. So just to quote Yonas, he said, “The day we first exported Teff pasta to Italy was probably one of my happiest.”

Host Triple A 29:03
Amazing! We love it for him! So kudos to Yonas and well done! We will have to check it out.

Muriel Tekou 29:09

Host Triple A 29:09
I mean, it’s a big (Speaks Italian) fantastico, stupendo to Yonas! Amazing! Because the thing is getting Teff pasta to Italy… The reason why it means a lot is because Italians are known for, you know…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 29:22
Yeah, the pasta.

Host Triple A 29:23
The Italian pasta. So to be able to penetrate that market with something new is absolutely fantastic.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 29:27
It’s a huge achievement, really.

Host Triple A 29:28
So we love it for him. So guys, go check out Lovegrass Ethiopia. I think they’re on LinkedIn. They are. So go check out and if you want to taste, why not? If some of you already use Lovegrass Ethiopia products, maybe share some pictures of the pasta and stuff that you’ve cooked, in the group, or DM us! we will be happy to share in stories.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 29:57

Co-host Muriel Tekou 29:58
(Jingle) Let’s slow things down a bit as we dive into our next segment, “Soothe Your Soul”, a guided meditation session. Go ahead, relax your shoulders. Take a deep breath. And let’s begin. (Soundtrack)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 30:40
This meditation is designed to help you find focus and clarity in whatever decisions you need to make at the beginning of this year. As we begin, gently adopt the posture that makes you most comfortable. Make sure your back is straight. Roll your shoulders slightly to open up your chest and let your hands rest comfortably wherever you feel like placing them. Close your eyes and take three purposeful breaths. Again. And at the third exhale, let your stomach expand as you breathe in, and contract as you breathe out. (Soundtrack)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 31:48
Now, I want you to start visualizing the words of “focus” and “clarity”. You may see them appearing slightly blurry at first, but continue to focus on your breath and the words in your mind until the words “focus” and “clarity” become clearer. In case there’s any thought of doubt into your head while doing this, that’s okay. Just let the thought pass as you return your attention to the words, focus and clarity. And notice how they have become bolder and clearer. (Soundtrack)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 32:46
Now, breathe in deeply and affirm to yourself. I am focused. My mind is clear. My mind is organized and I find solutions with ease. I know what I have to do to move forward and accomplish my goals. I commit to doing everything in my power to create the life of my dreams. Now, pause and pay attention to the answer you’re receiving. (Soundtrack)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 33:40
Keep your mind’s eyes focused on the words “clarity”, “focus”, “clarity”, “focus”. And whenever you’re ready, exhale with a sigh. (Sighs).

Co-host Muriel Tekou 33:57
(Soundtrack) Slowly begin to bring your awareness back to the room around you. And when you’re ready, open your eyes and express gratitude for the clarity with which you will be approaching every single situation in your life from now on. And feel free to come back to this meditation as many times as you need to. You are precious. I love you.

Host Triple A 34:40
Wow, that was nice. I think… what I will say when it comes to making progress in life: it comes down a lot to focus and clarity. Because I think focus and clarity feed will, the power of will. Sometimes, you know you have to do something but the challenge can be huge. It can be various kinds of challenges. It can be something very tangible, or it can be some inner work that you have to do like, if you know, maybe you have an addiction, and you have to overcome this addiction, it takes a lot of willpower to make it work. But by focusing on the version of for you, the person that you will become when you stop engaging in that toxic addiction can really be what you need to propel yourself towards.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 35:46

Host Triple A 35:46
So instead of focusing on stopping to do this addiction, you focus on who you become after you are healed and cleaned from this addiction. If I tell you there’s an elephant in the room, I’m sure you’ve thought about an elephant in your head, did you?

Co-host Muriel Tekou 35:56

Host Triple A 36:01
Because I said the elephant. So that’s the whole thing. And so what you focus on grows. So I really like this meditation. So I think maybe… at least for me, if I go back to this meditation session, I might choose to say, “Hey, I’m going to focus on the version of me that has released 23 kilos.”

Co-host Muriel Tekou 36:26
Yeah, yeah. And I think he also helps when you… You know when sometimes you want to make a decision. And you know, it’s a very important decision, but you just don’t know how to go about it. You don’t know maybe like the steps to take and stuff like that. Clarity plays a big role. And it’s okay to just sometimes sit down and clear your mind. And you see, during the meditation, I said something: “Pay attention to the answer you’re receiving.” Because when you clear your mind and you focus on one thing, I swear your inside will be speaking to you. Your intuition will be speaking to you because God is speaking to us sometimes throughout an intuition. And when you pause, you’re looking for something. Pause. And pay attention to whatever you’re receiving, whatever you’re hearing, because most of the time we have the answer, right inside. We just have to allow the answer to come out.

Host Triple A 37:30
Absolutely. Like, sometimes the answer comes through messengers. It can happen a lot where somebody in the middle of a conversation will say the exact words that you need to focus on to take your next decision.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 37:43

Host Triple A 37:44
So open your spiritually ears. Ears. (Laughter).

Co-host Muriel Tekou 37:48
And eyes! Your spiritual eyes, your spiritual ears. Make sure they’re all very much so alert.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 37:55

Host Triple A 38:13
(Jingle) It’s 7:7 o’clock, your three minutes of affirmative prayer, to get what you want by asking for it, by seeking it, by knocking boldly because it is not a privilege, but your full right to manifest all that is good for your highest purpose. Ask, seek, knock, it’s all you need to keep doing. And you don’t have to do it alone. We can do it together. (Soundtrack)

Host Triple A 38:56
Guys, whether your past year was great, or whether you feel it sucked, this prayer is for you. It’s for all of us as we pledged to evolve.

Host Triple A 39:06
Dear God, today I reflect on the past year with gratitude and humility and surrender the making of this year entirely to you. I practice gratitude as I count every blessing, even the tiniest ones that have offered me the opportunity to be alive today with a chance to build a better tomorrow. I embrace humility as I ask you to enlighten me with the necessary wisdom and objectivity for me to critically examine the way I led the past 12 months. Point out where I screwed up and enable me to hear and understand the wise teachings that can help me get things right this year. Help me identify what I did well, so I can do more of it. Grow every good seed I planted in the past year, and clear out all the weeds. This year, anytime I catch myself wanting to control my life so much, I pledge to let go and let God. This year, I pledge to get out of my own way. This year, I pledge to do more of what makes me come alive. God, I thank you for already writing a fantastic script for me, and for trusting me to run a great show this year. As you shield me from any misfortune, I open my mind, my heart, and my soul to all the wonderful blessings coming my way! Amen.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 41:00
Amen. I open my mind, my heart and soul to all the wonderful blessings.

Host Triple A 41:06
You’re rapping! (Giggling)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 41:09
That’s beautiful. That’s beautiful. Thank you so much for this beautiful prayer, as we pledge to do what makes us come alive. It’s amazing. Because the thing is, most of the time we just go through life soulless, I would say.

Host Triple A 41:27
Like a routine that kills us…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 41:28
Yes! It’s like we just get… we are actually bored every single day because we choose to do things… let me just even, like, link it to the problem of money. Sometimes, people will take jobs just because they need the money, and not because they actually like doing what they’re doing. But let me tell you guys, sometimes taking that leap of faith to go for something that you’re passionate about, but with little or low pay, instead of going for something that is completely destructive with high pay… that low-paid job can…

Host Triple A 41:40
Sometimes, it can save your health.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 42:07
Ouh! and it opens up the door to, like… it opens up doors to many other blessings. I am not even going to lie. So sometimes choosing yourself and choosing what makes you happy… it’s definitely the way…

Host Triple A 42:24
I would say, it’s a phase. I would say depending on how your life is, what stage it’s at. Sometimes you have to, like, close your eyes and kind of like make those sacrifices. But sometimes you reach to a point where if you don’t take that decision to actually do something that makes your soul come alive. Or if maybe, like, if those opportunities are not manifesting to you, you will get to a point where your body’s going to decide for you when you have to stop.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 42:53
Yeah, yeah.

Host Triple A 42:55
And it’s gonna be tough.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 42:55
Yeah, so make sure… absolutely, this year, put yourself first. It’s okay. It’s absolutely okay.

Host Triple A 43:01
Actually, pray… like –and we hope that for you– pray that you get into situations where you have the luxury of choosing something that is good for your health.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 43:13
Mm-hmm! Absolutely. Oh! no, that’s well said, yeah.

Host Triple A 43:17
So, wishing all our Titans out there the very best!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 43:20
The very best Happy New Year! (Laughter)

Host Triple A 43:24
Happy New Year! It’s still “Happy New Year”! For me, the whole of January is still “Happy New Year”. Even February… can we still say “Happy New Year”? (Laughter)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 43:25
No, let’s not do that. (Laughter)

Host Triple A 43:31
February no? the whole quarter?

Co-host Muriel Tekou 43:34

Host Triple A 43:34

Co-host Muriel Tekou 43:35
Girl? Okay, bye!

Host Triple A 43:38
She said “Bye”. (Laughter) Okay, guys! that was the prayer for you and I hope it touches you, and I hope he uplifts you and guides you. This is what really The DOM Podcast is about. Anytime we sit down to write our stuff, you know, and to communicate that with you, we do it with so much love and so much care and we hope that you receive that as well.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 43:59
Absolutely. (Soundtrack)

Host Triple A 44:07
Anyways, guys! It was really great having this conversation with you, reflecting on the past year. So to every single one of you out there, again, thank you so much for tuning into this episode of The DOM Podcast Season 1. You can also check out TITA Shop on our website to download five daily affirmations as wallpapers to help you unlock opportunities.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 44:34
Absolutely. Thank you guys for hanging out with us again. And don’t forget to share this episode with a friend. Follow us on Instagram at @itsTheDOMpodcast, on Twitter and YouTube at @TheDOMpodcast. Like comment, save, share DM us, or even tweet the part of this conversation that resonated the most with you and most importantly, please rate this podcast on the platform you’re listening to and leave us a review. It really helps a lot, guys.

Host Triple A 45:04
It does. Share with a friend and stuff, you know. Yeah, five stars, guys. (Giggling) Anyways guys, remember to also join The DOM Hangout, our growing community of Titans on Facebook, you are invited to connect, ask questions in the group if you need assistance or tips on any delicate matters you would like to share. If you yourself are a pro or you’re a specialist, you can also share those insights with the people out there, you know. You know, sharing is caring so… Guys, we got you because this is what our community is all about. For me, Angela Akua Asante aka Triple A, it’s time to say goodbye and it was a pleasure doing this with my fabulous co host, Muriel Tekou.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 45:46
[Laughter] Guys, we release a new episode every Friday so subscribe to our podcast everywhere. Spotify, Podbean, Castbox, Apple Podcasts… catch you guys on socials and take care!

Host Triple A 46:01

Triple A and Muriel Tekou 46:09
This episode of The DOM Podcast was brought to you by TITA Productions. We are TITANS!

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