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Debuting 2023 as a podcaster has brought me to recall all the personal factors behind this new experience as The DOM Podcast launches on January 13th…

There is always a “WHY” before a shift. There is always a desire driving one’s resilience to pursue a goal. Sometimes, things may take a different turn. All the time, it’s simply redirection as you get to experience even more fulfilling outcomes in life. Today, as I open old pages of my life’s book, I want to take you back 20 years down the line when Spotify did not even exist, having a HiFi stereo system at home was a big flex, and iPods were the future…

A strong desire to revamp my radio career dreams and create value

Four walls. Headphones. A microphone. Production sheets. I as the host, and people on the other side – wherever they may be – tuning into the good vibes transmitted via the airwaves… 

Almost 20 years ago, this vivid picture fueled my ambition to experience a career as a radio host, aside from my professional footballer aspirations. The dream looked crystal clear but the reality was bleak. Empty promises from random producers shattered a teenage me who had so diligently put together two full pages of an entertainment show concept that had been brewing in my mind. Shattered but not discouraged. I picked up the pieces and kept fighting to pierce into the radio landscape in my country, Ghana. Besides my spell as a sports pundit on a couple of nationwide stations where I met great colleagues, the local media’s environment for me to host my own show proved quite hostile in general.

Doors would shut one after the other but I would keep trying until one path-shifting incident occurred. For weeks, the Program Officer of a popular channel in the capital and I had been discussing a Franco-English show proposal I came up with and which I submitted exclusively to that station. One day, as discussions progressed, he called for a second face-to-face meeting — with short notice. I spent an entire morning plus hefty transportation fees to make the trip to the headquarters. Within five minutes in his office, and after being told to wait at the reception for over 45 minutes, he dismissed my proposal, ended any chance of granting me a platform on that station, and sarcastically joked that it would not have been appropriate for him to share the verdict over the phone the evening before.

“Calling a beautiful woman like you in the evening to cancel? Perhaps, your boyfriend would have picked up the call, putting me in trouble,” he uttered before signaling that there was nothing left to discuss. “Well, this could have been a simple email,” I responded still dumbfounded. That was in September 2014. That very day, my heart accepted what my mind already knew: “Forge your own path — on the right platforms, for the right audiences — Angela.” 

Seven years went by, with this desire to host a show hibernating somewhere in the cold corners of my mind. In between time, I took a dive into entrepreneurship by founding my company TITA Productions – learning more about audiovisual production, testing the waters with gigs, and giving myself time to really discover what makes me come alive and what messages I wish to communicate. 

Content creation problems: One strong desire vs three main challenges

It was November 2021. Replenishing my depleted spirit after 729 hours of overtime work in nine months at the French Embassy, my long homecation offered me the stillness I needed to recenter and hear myself out. The desire to create started echoing in my brain – its whispers soon amplified into screams I just could not ignore anymore. But three things held me back: 

  1. the quest and pledge to provide truly valuable and authentic content
  2. the strategy to attract the right audiences for all the production efforts to count
  3. and the finances to fund the production in the first place. 

The first challenge was up to my creativity – allowing inspiration to flow to me and clarity to organize, package, and deliver elevating and purposeful conversations – with storytelling borrowed from the three eclectic decades of my life thus far.

The second challenge called for finding and working with a competent Digital Marketer. I immediately took up Google Digital Garage’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals course to grasp the basics and further develop my company’s objectives and plans. However, I also came to the conclusion that I’d prefer to work with an experienced Digital Marketer whilst I’d focus on my strengths to move forward.

The third challenge was, well, up to God! *giggling*. As an investor, the market since the end of 2021 has not quite been favorable to cash out. This reality seemed to have halted my plans to relaunch my company as envisioned: that is, with a solid bootstrapped budget comprising worthy salaries for worthy employees. Yet, events unfolding appeared to tell that staying bent on this ideal scenario — allowing further delays — would be dangerous.

Perhaps, it was God’s way of testing my determination to start before being ready. Humble beginnings, right? And as Malaysian entrepreneur Vishen Lakhiani correctly put it:

“Epic things start with small humble steps. Pay respect to your beginnings.”

As I pen this blog post just a few days from launching Season 1 of The DOM Podcast, here I am running this start-up marathon with the right people at my side instead of sprinting to nowhere with the wrong ones. It’s passion. It’s faith. It’s beautiful bonds that have just started flourishing. But before reaching this point, the concept of TITA Productions’ first ever seasons-themed show had to click.

And it sure did! Read all about it in How The DOM Podcast came into being.

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