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From the drive behind it to the creation of its concept and the coming together of Muriel Tekou and myself as co-host and host respectively, let me unpack everything about how The DOM Podcast was birthed.  

“Believe in meeting the right people, things, places at the right time. Believe in the righteousness of your path.” ~ AAA 

If there’s one statement I should choose from the many intimate things I shared in the first few episodes of The DOM Podcast Season 1, that would be THE ONE

This is the high-frequency belief that has manifested TITA Productions’ very first flagship weekly show, The DOM Podcast, with my fabulous co-host, Creative Director, and Marketing Lead Muriel Tekou. 

The beginning of my wish to communicate with you in audio format runs deep as revealed in the “How I was led into podcasting: passion, disillusion, grit” blog post which I invite you to dig through and discover.

The DOM Podcast: When the concept clicked

To tell you the truth, podcast culture is not my thing. I do audiobooks mostly. This is why everything about The DOM Podcast’s concept and structure is purely original – inspired by no other podcast because there is no podcast I listen to, at the exception of a French podcast I devoured and savored, during quarantine days in 2020, for the richness of its researched content.

I’ve always been fascinated by the depth of curiosity and information in French journalism as much as I’ve always been bored by shows without segments. Marrying these two aspects gave birth to the wholesome show that is The DOM Podcast as it encompasses inspiring conversations, intriguing projects, soothing meditation and empowering prayer sessions – all under an hour. 

My 2022 began with digging deeper into what I really want out of TITA Productions in the short, mid, and long term. From being a simple one-woman service provider company to transforming into content creators, podcasting (on top of blogging) appeared as the perfect format through which to vehiculate the categories of topics TITA’s new foundations would stand upon: 

  • Career development 
  • Inner development 
  • Financial growth 
  • Mind & Body Therapy

On January 17th of last year, I attended By Sasha’s “Podcasting Basics: From Passion to Profitable” webinar. That session provided the click I needed! As the program went on, ideas just go unlocked. Tuning in from my phone whilst taking a walk in the courtyard at home, I scribbled so many ideas for a handful of French and English language podcast shows – from the themes to the product development strategies behind them. 

In three words, I was inspired! And I made sure to pin down my ideas before they could evaporate in thin air.

That weekend, I further developed the topics of each of the shows. I slept on my solo brainstorming session and two concepts stood out: the one nicknamed “Therapy Pod” covering mind and body therapy, and another temporarily called “Main Pod” touching on career, financial, and inner growth. Eventually, I merged both and became clearer on what I needed: 

  1. A podcast culture-versed digital marketer
  2. A co-host, ideally one that is fluent in both English and French to serve both Francophone and Anglophone audiences.

I combed my networks in vain and considered resorting to posting an ad on LinkedIn but my research soon became frustrating. My intuition directed me to have a talk with my father in whom I confide all my personal development and entrepreneurship worries. We discussed over dinner. He put my request into prayer and, after a while, he came back to affirm: 

“You’ll find someone very soon – whether it will be a woman or a man.” 

To put my dad’s statement into perspective, he knew I had only ever worked with males at TITA Productions – be it mentees or third-party providers. The idea that I might suddenly work with a woman intrigued me but I welcomed his response and the possibility with all my heart and soul. 

“Epic things start with small humble steps. Pay respect to your beginnings.” ~ Vishen Lakhiani

And then, Muriel showed up… 

I sometimes get chills down my spine, just realizing that I could have missed out on my person, Muriel, with whom I have the immense pleasure of hosting and creating The DOM Podcast. Conversely, I cannot confirm enough how getting clear on what you need without stressing about the process brings about the most beautiful gift in the most unexpected of ways. My dad’s prayers worked — and how fast they did! You’ll see what I mean when you read “Finding friendship & creative excellence in one person” — my piece retracing how Muriel and I became a thing.

In June 2022, resources came together for TITA Productions’ recording studio to be set up. That’s when we re-engaged on the topic and accelerated the work in progress – from sourcing and supervising the installation crew to formalizing working agreements, and getting down to scripting, recording, and shooting! I must say I’m grateful to have found many things in Muriel: an amazing friend, a co-host, a creative director, and a marketing lead. 

Muriel has been and continues to be an integral part of The DOM Podcast – her sudden flashes of inspiration painting the brand’s color palette, conceptualizing the photo shoot, the teaser, and the trailer, co-scripting the episodes, and developing the digital marketing strategy. I’m so excited about 2023 – about Season 1 and the next ones to come.

From an inner development point of view, there is so much more to our bond that I can’t wait to reveal to you listeners through The DOM Podcast.

Baptizing The DOM Podcast

The overall concept was alive but a proper production structure and a name were missing. I wanted something that truly resonated with the purpose of the show. One Sunday morning in August 2022, I shared my concerns with both of my parents. We had a prayer session and at the end of it, my parents told me to “open my ears” to “hear” the inspiration when it would come.

The following Tuesday, I went to town, came back tired, and planned to nap. Restless, I instead texted my siblings to have them help me find a name for the show. I explained the target audiences, values, and concept as a show for all things development. After multiple suggestions, my eldest sister tried once more and picked the word “DOM” as an acronym for “Developer of Mindsets”.

That was it! From there, the tagline, the segments, and the timings… they all flowed through my mind that evening. It was like transcribing a dictation. I do not regret not taking that nap! My junior brother also chipped in with the selection of The DOM Podcast’s soundtracks — these songs I so enjoy inserting when producing every episode!


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Timing is everything and preparation determines the outcome

Initially, as the year 2022 commenced, I had chosen 11/11/22 as the date on which to officially relaunch TITA Productions’ website as well as broadcast the first episode of The DOM Podcast. 

I personally believe that it’s essential to set deadlines. The law of timing propels you forward. It keeps you from slacking and procrastinating. It prevents you from missing out on fulfilling your destiny as time waits for no one. It’s what I call “positive pressure” among the things that differentiate people, projects, and companies that succeed in this fast-paced world. 

Fast forward and with multiple factors considered, we did not launch on 11 November 2022 as envisaged. However, we did kickstart our social media campaign on that day – and I’m even happier with this turn of events! 

In the past couple of months, we’ve cleared the space for the much-anticipated 13 January 2023 launch of Season 1.

All in all, I would say that the balance between the time-conscious and business-minded founder that I am and the creatively-flowing digital marketing expert Muriel is has proven to be a match made in heaven. We’re pumped to deliver TITA Productions’ first of many creations, The DOM Podcast.

It is the beginning of so many beautiful things. And it’s such a delight to evolve on this chilled journey with you.

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