Mary Godwin

Angela is an amazing Host, Speaker and Moderator. She is articulate in her delivery, keeps the audience engaged and interested throughout the programme. She is evidently multi-skilled and talented. Working with an array of dignitaries and public figures. Well done […]

Andre Laperriere

We recently held a second GODAN summit (this time virtual) moderated by Angela. Thanks to her energizing facilitation, her outstanding language skills (multilingual) and her experience, both were outstanding successes! I strongly recommend Angela for high level initiatives like these, […]

Laura Joseph

Angela was MC for Angel Fair Africa, a professional job she did indeed! The preparation and research that she did on all the speakers enabled her to introduce everyone in an engaging and informative way that held the audience engagement. […]

Kartigayen Pillay Iyaloo

Excellent service and quality of work are ever-present. Very committed and prompt. Angela has allowed us to take a documentary to the next level over 3 days of work. Bilingual, available, prompt, value for money and highly passionate about what […]