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Episode Timeline

00:57 Topic intro - Reinventing yourself

03:00 WALK THE TALK: Who are we?

26:03 FASCINATION: Cassava-based Pasta

32:35 SOOTHE YOUR SOUL: Gratitude meditation

47:33 Bonus: 5 positive wallpapers gift



Host Triple A 0:07
Hey Titans! This is Angela Akua Asante, a.k.a Triple A. You’re listening to The DOM Podcast, your trusted Developer Of Mindsets. I’m your host, and I’m joined by my co-host…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 0:20
Muriel Tekou. Each episode on The DOM Podcast is designed to enlighten your spirit, strengthen your mindset…

Host Triple A 0:27
…and offer guidance on all things Career Development, Inner Development, Financial Growth

Co-host Muriel Tekou 0:27
and Mind and Body Therapy!

Host Triple A 0:35
You will grow…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 0:36
You will laugh…

Host Triple A 0:37
You will connect…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 0:38
You will relax…

Host Triple A 0:39
and manifest. This is The DOM Podcast!

Triple A and Muriel Tekou 0:43
Raise your Vibe!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 0:44
Oooooh, this is exciting, guys! This is the very first episode of The DOM Podcast. Oh, I’m here with Angela. (Laughter)

Host Triple A 1:02
Yes, yes, yes! We’re finally doing this after months, and months of planning. And I think I’m super, super excited because doing this with you, my bestie…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 1:19
Oooh! girl… (Laughter)

Host Triple A 1:21

Co-host Muriel Tekou 1:21
It feels good. It feels very good. And like you said, we’ve been planning for a long time. And it feels like a great achievement. And the good thing is we both dreamt of this. We both wanted this and…

Host Triple A 1:33
… So much.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 1:34
Yeah. And I really can’t wait to see how this journey unfolds for us. And for our listeners.

Host Triple A 1:40
I think that’s definitely the most exciting part, how we are going to invite listeners into our journey. And, you know, just inviting everyone into The DOM’s universe.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 1:52
Oh, yeah. And this is what this first episode is about, guys. And you’re going to discover the voices behind the mic. Who is Muriel? Who am I? and who is Angela?

Host Triple A 2:03
Who is Triple A? (Laughter)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 2:06
Yeah, and it’s all about reinventing ourselves. That’s the theme today, guys. So first of all, we just want to say that this episode and all the other episodes of The DOM Podcast are sectioned into segments. So we go between interviews, to prayers, to meditation, to discovering things; exciting things in the business industry.

Host Triple A 2:29
All packaged.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 2:30
All packaged for you guys. It is a whole journey..

Host Triple A 2:32
It’s an entire package.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 2:33
I love it! I love it for us!

Host Triple A 2:34
Absolutely. So today you are going to discover exactly what has made us who we are, why we are so passionate about what we’re doing. But first, let’s take a break. (Jingle)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 3:01
Okay, we are back guys. Unveiling our first segment called “Walk the Talk”, where we dive deep into our main topic of the week. And today, guys you get to hear all about our stories. And one of our values here is authenticity. We’ll give it to you raw, no filter.

Host Triple A 3:21
100% without any filter.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 3:23
Yeah, and then guys, we believe that our story is our identity. And we hope that through listening to our individual stories and experiences today, we want you to know that it’s okay to start over. Because by listening to us today, you’re going to realize that we really went through different stages of our lives. And that actually the lessons that we learned, made us who we are today, and we can’t be ashamed of that. It’s your story.

Host Triple A 3:51

Co-host Muriel Tekou 3:51
You get to write it how ever you want. You are the author. So yeah.

Host Triple A 3:52
That’s totally correct. I like what you’re saying about that. So excited about what we’re going to unveil today!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 4:04
And then yeah, so I remember listening, actually reading this sentence somewhere. And it says: “Aside the work titles and the accomplishments, who are you?”

Host Triple A 4:17
Wow. Honestly, I heard a similar question like a similar version of this question. But it went like, “Tell us who you are without -hang on. Listen to that- without mentioning your name, your age, your gender, your nationality, your hobbies. etcetera.”

Co-host Muriel Tekou 4:40
That’s a tough one, for real, because we hold on so much to those identities and we are so quick to identify ourselves using our circumstances. The way others perceive us, our behaviors, our work titles, it’s all part of it. We hold on so much to those and the moment we’re stripped away from those, we don’t remember who we are. So, okay, so you go first. Okay, so who are you? Answer that question without mentioning your name, or any of those titles or identities. Okay?

Host Triple A 5:13
Wow. Okay. I think to the core, who am I? Wow, that’s a tough one. Okay, I think I would say I’m living being. I’m the 3D version of my higher self. And I am a vessel for whatever is divine.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 5:38
Oh, that sounds like… you know, this movie, this intergalactic movie? Did you watch it? I forgot the title. (Laughter) But that sounds really beautiful. It sounds like poetry. And I love it.

Host Triple A 5:54
What about you?

Co-host Muriel Tekou 5:55
Okay, me?

Host Triple A 5:56

Co-host Muriel Tekou 5:59
Mmm-mmmh-mmh! So I’ll keep it simple. Okay, as I’m thinking about it, and thinking about defining myself without saying my name and all the things that I’ve accomplished so far, I would say I am flow. The only word that comes in my mind is “flow”.

Host Triple A 6:14
That’s it! (Whispering)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 6:14
Mm-hm! and the reason why I say that is like, you know that about me, right? I could wake up in the morning and have a whole to do list. I have so much going on in my life. But then, I don’t get frustrated about whatever happens in between. It’s like, no matter what happens during my day, I still flow and manage to get through everything that I have to do. I don’t get stopped by whatever obstacle comes in between. And I love that for me.

Host Triple A 6:47
I love that for you too!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 6:48
Thank you! (Laughter). And that’s what I’m saying I’m flow.

Host Triple A 6:51
Absolutely! And I think on this note, if you were to be an element, you would definitely be…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 6:58
Ah, yeah! I would definitely be water.

Host Triple A 7:01
Yes. And I think more than water, I would say you would be an ocean. (Laughter) Because you have so much depth.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 7:07
Yeah. Yeah. Awwn, thank you!! (Laughter)

Host Triple A 7:14
Honestly! And I think, if it were me… if I if I am to be an element.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 7:19
Ouh! can I answer that?

Host Triple A 7:21

Co-host Muriel Tekou 7:22
I would say “fire”. (Laughter) Guys! That one is loaded with energy. Angela is loaded with energy. And I love it for her. It’s like we balance each other. You’re fire, I’m water. Right?

Host Triple A 7:33
Yeah. I think, fire and water. I think, volcano and ocean.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 7:41
Oh, yeah. Volcano for you.

Host Triple A 7:42
Yeah, I know… to be real because whilst you have so much depth and you flow and things. I honestly can get very angry sometimes.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 7:57
You can get angry. Yeah. And you’re such a fighter. And I feel like, also, the water that I bring calms you down a bit.

Host Triple A 7:59
I agree with that. But I think when it comes to my anger, I think I’m more angry on behalf of people.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 8:13
Yeah, yeah. It’s like you protect people and you like to fight on their behalf.

Host Triple A 8:19

Co-host Muriel Tekou 8:20
While, me, I’ll just be like, “Ouh, I give it to God.” (Laughter) Yeah, so I love it for us. So guys, this is us. Okay, this is a little taste of who we are.

Host Triple A 8:33
A teaser!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 8:33
And yes, as you go on this journey with us, you’re going to discover more about us. Much more.

Host Triple A 8:40
Much more! And guys, if you want to also define your personality with elements as we did, go check out our article on TITA blog. The way to do that? Just check out our website www.TITAproductions.com. (Spells it out) Go to the TITA Blog section and check out the blog post called “Fire or ice? Volcano or water? What is your personality type?”

Co-host Muriel Tekou 9:11
I love it. I love it. Guys, we are so curious to discover how you define yourself using elements, you know, flow, water… (Laughter) So don’t forget to comment under the post. Okay, so let’s move on. Angela, I have a question for you.

Host Triple A 9:33

Co-host Muriel Tekou 9:33
You know how this whole episode is about reinventing yourself. I want to know, or I want you to share with us: What major event in your life allowed you to reinvent yourself?

Host Triple A 9:52
Oh, woaw, woaw, woaw.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 9:52
Mm-hm! Anything that actually triggered you to become a better version of yourself?

Host Triple A 9:58
Absolutely. I think mine are rooted in career. And definitely, the first one was wanting to become a footballer and failing to do so… tragically!

Triple A and Muriel Tekou 10:15

Host Triple A 10:15
Yeah, so the thing is, you know, football, if you have to enter in it early, because you retire early. It’s only a few footballers that go beyond 35-years-old, like, you know, Cristiano Ronaldo, and all those kind of people still playing. But you have to enter early. So, years, were passing by and I realized that, you know, I was not into the system. I was not attending an academy. You know, I was not playing in a professional team. Nothing. So, at some point, I clogged 17 years of age, and I realized that my dream of becoming a footballer was totally dead.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 10:55

Host Triple A 10:56
Yeah, at the age of 17.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 10:57
Oh, wow. So that’s too late to become a footballer?

Host Triple A 11:00
Well, if you’ve never attended an academy, if you have absolutely zero plan… you know, like, you are not going to enter a college where they’re going to let you play in, you know, college football and stuff. Like, maybe you should start forgetting it. I’m not saying that at 17, dreams cannot happen. It can. But you know…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 11:18
…it’s a bit too late based on the regulations.

Host Triple A 11:21
Based on all of that and based on my environment at the time. I knew there was no way I was going to attend a college that was into college soccer, you know, and stuff like that. So I said, “uh, this is not working”. And it was really, really difficult for me to bury that dream because I was seeing myself playing for the Black Queens [Ghana’s senior national women’s soccer team], I was seeing myself captaining the team, raising trophies because I knew… I would watch the Women’s World Cup and I will realize that I could score that goal, you know. And so after burying that dream, I said, “I’m still very much in love with football. If I cannot be a footballer, if I cannot play football, I’m going to cover it.” So…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 11:59
Ouh (Laughter), I love the redirection.

Host Triple A 12:01
Yeah, I think one thing I wrote in my diary at the time. So at that time, I was like 18. And I wrote in my diary, a quote that I came up with was: “When one door closes, find others that can open”. So I kept reading that again, and again. At the time, I was only speaking French. So I had to give myself one year to learn English, to understand the rules of football very, very well, and to start writing the articles. And so that’s how I reinvented myself. And then I got a job online. And that was the story. That was for number one. Number two, because I think you asked for two things. I would say the second thing that really, really shaped or reinvented me was actually exiting the world of sports media. So after covering World Cups in Russia, Azerbaijan, Canada, doing some, you know, stuff in Kenya, Ethiopia, and all of that, I said, “Okay. I’ve done what I wanted to do in sports”. But I wanted more out of it — more from a financial point of view, which didn’t quite happen. And I had the option to continue on my journey of, you know, sponsoring myself because it’s a lot of money to invest if you want to take yourself to the World Cup and stuff. So I had accreditation to go to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. And like, I stopped right into the middle of my preparations. And I said, “Is it worth it? Should I do that?” And at the time, I had passion for different other things, to tap into my talents. Things like production, you know, editing videos, communications, cryptocurrency, voiceover, emceeing. And I said, “You know what? let me just go deeper into that”. And I reinvented myself as a media consulting person, as a communications person. And that’s how I went from sports media to diplomacy, where I had to spell at the French Embassy. And then from there, continued with, you know, what I’m doing and serving so many clients, and all of that. So that was basically my story.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 14:03
Oh! I love it. I love it. It’s a very loaded and packed story. And I love how your reinvention is very career-based. Because that changes from mine.

Host Triple A 14:08
Absolutely! (Laughter)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 14:14
Because I was about to talk about my personality and stuff, but I was like, here she is talking about… I love it. I love it. And yeah, so… No, but those two were two major events in your life that triggered you to reinvent yourself?

Host Triple A 14:31

Co-host Muriel Tekou 14:31
I love it.

Host Triple A 14:31
Okay, what about you?

Co-host Muriel Tekou 14:33
Well, like I said, I was gonna talk about […] because I feel like for me, it wasn’t so much of career that changed who I am. It was mainly events in my life. Okay. And I would say the first one was becoming a teenage mother. So I have a beautiful, beautiful 10 year old.

Host Triple A 14:55
She is SO adorable!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 14:57
(Laughter) She is sweet. She is very sweet and she’s really keeping me going. But I had her very early, I became a mother. And then it really changed and shifted completely my perspective in life. Like, I just became… I grew older, I felt like in a second.

Host Triple A 15:18

Co-host Muriel Tekou 15:19
Yeah, I grew older in a second. And it was because I felt like I just became the guardian of another human being and it was very important for me to like, change my personality so I could teach this little girl how to become a responsible human being in the society, how to be able to serve the world. And at that time, I didn’t know anything about those things. Like, I just… my personality was just like, there. It wasn’t well defined.

Host Triple A 15:52
Oh! You were just exploring.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 15:53
Yeah! So after giving birth, I want to the UK. And being a teenage mother in the UK by myself — no parents, no family. And at that time, my French was so pure, like, I was just speaking French. And the only English I could speak was stuff like, “Oh, my name is” (Laughter), “Can you give me a pen or something?”. Like I couldn’t hold a proper conversation, right. So I feel like that was the second moment for me, because I had to learn English so fast, to be able to rise up to the level because I was in class with really smart people. And I was also listening. All my classes, my courses were in English, my teachers were speaking English to me.

Host Triple A 16:40

Co-host Muriel Tekou 16:40
And here I was, a French student sitting in a pool of like, very smart English students and not been able to understand a thing. So, it could have taken me a long time. But I feel like somehow, I was motivated to do better. And it was one way of… and that really built my resilience muscles, guys, because there were days where I would just like, spend the entire night -instead of sleeping- listening to audiobooks, and trying to repeat words, and trying to say things to myself, and even recording myself so that I could be like, “Oh, do you even sound English enough?”

Co-host Muriel Tekou 17:14
Total immersion. Total immersion!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 17:15
Total immersion! And those things, when you’re doing them by yourself, you become stronger.

Host Triple A 17:18
But then I have a question. You said you had to learn fast. How long did it take you to learn English?

Co-host Muriel Tekou 17:28
Six months. It really took me six months in 2012 to be able to speak fluent English. And really, it was by myself. But though I’m also very grateful for the friends that I had at that time. And if you’re listening to this, shout out to you guys! I know you know yourself! (Giggle) But there were moments that I would say sentences full of mistakes. And they were kind enough to tell me, “Oh, Muriel. You should say it this way, you should say it that way.” And I wasn’t shy, right. It was okay for me to make mistakes, because guys, it’s okay. That’s how you learn. And I had to repeat it. They would say, “Okay, say it this way.” I would repeat it, and I would keep it in my head.

Host Triple A 17:28

Co-host Muriel Tekou 18:07
So it took me six months. I was in the UK for like, what? Six years. But during that moment, those six years were so pivotal in my life. I came out of this feeling strong, feeling resilient, feeling focused, and having clarity on where I was going in my life. So yeah, for me, it was more of that.

Host Triple A 18:35

Co-host Muriel Tekou 18:36
Something inside of me changed. Like when I became a mother, something shifted. When I went to the UK by myself, and I was there by myself, and I had to figure things by myself, something shifted. So those two moments actually made me who I am today, I learned so much along the way. And I’m gonna tell you guys in the next episodes, but yeah, that was me.

Host Triple A 18:56
Amazing. I’m like, this is super inspiring. I have so much admiration for you, Bestie. And the fact that you’re only 29. And you’ve been through a lot of like an entire roller coaster, and you’re still going. This is really, really amazing. I feel we’ve gone through a lot in our lives that only two things is just too little. If we had to add a third thing, if we had to do that -and that’s the part where I find it really interesting because as your Bestie, I’m gonna pick the third thing!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 19:31
Okay, go ahead.

Host Triple A 19:32
I think for me, the third thing for you, is you relocating or like choosing Ghana, as your place to settle, because it’s so inspiring in the sense that Ghana is a country where a lot of the youth want to get out. And there’s that entire thing with the African dream of being, you know, succeeding in the West, succeeding elsewhere. And you haven’t graduated from digital marketing in the UK, deciding to say, “Hey, I’m going back to the motherland. Maybe not my country. But you know…” and an English-speaking country as well.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 20:13
Oh, yeah! Especially, I wanted to be close to my daughter at that age. I wanted to be close to my daughter and that was the only way because I’m from Togo and Togo is next door. So I wanted to be close to my daughter. And also, when I came back, there was absolutely nothing to do in Togo. Sorry, guys. Sorry my Togolese people but like, the economy is bad! (Laughter). So I had to find a way to like, you know… and also at that point, as I could speak English, I can speak English now. I’m fully bilingual. So that’s why I came to Ghana, but I love it for you. I love the fact that you pointed it out, because relocating is very difficult.

Host Triple A 20:47
Exactly. It’s an it’s an entire thing. You have to reinvent everything. Because the culture, you know. Even people might be maybe too laid back for you, too this, too that. And then it also comes with its own problems, like maybe electricity power cuts, you know, things like that, that you have to adjust to. So really shout outs to you!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 21:08
And I was still by myself.

Host Triple A 21:09
Again! You see!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 21:11
I don’t have family in Ghana.

Host Triple A 21:12
Exactly. You see. So definitely, this has been really amazing.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 21:17
And how about you? What would be your third point, because you mentioned two points?

Host Triple A 21:20

Co-host Muriel Tekou 21:21

Host Triple A 21:23
I’m gonna be biased: it’s again career related.

Host Triple A 21:26

Host Triple A 21:27

Co-host Muriel Tekou 21:27
Oh, I love it. No, I love the differences between us. We’re Besties but we have different perspectives and stuff.

Host Triple A 21:32
Exactly. So when it comes to my third thing, it’s definitely now. Because, guys, the thing is, reinvention doesn’t just happen once in life. There are layers to reinvention. It comes in phases, you can reinvent yourself at the age of 15, at the age of 25, at the age of 30, even 50, even 80 years old!

Host Triple A 21:48
And let’s mention that it’s okay.

Host Triple A 21:55
It’s okay.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 21:56
It’s absolutely okay to change if you need to.

Host Triple A 22:00
Exactly. And so for me, it’s happening right now, where currently I am fully into entrepreneurship. And it’s a totally different mindset that I had. Back then in 2015, I remember having a chat with my eldest sister who has two companies; shout out to my other sister, by the away! And I remember telling her I will never go into entrepreneurship. It’s full of problems, you are always pumping money out of your pocket. And it’s just too scary. Even when it’s going okay, why can’t I just be in my corner, earning a good salary, and that’s it? And I have absolutely no problem in being an employee. I mean, that’s fine. Nothing to do with “I don’t want a boss”. No, that’s fine. I just feel that, in my mind somewhere, I was lacking job security. Because I mean, you can get sacked, right? And at the same time, a company can can can go south, but you are in control, and maybe you will know best how to bounce back. Exactly. So that reinvention to say, “Hey, let me go fully into entrepreneurship”, especially with my type of entrepreneurship where it’s fully bootstrapped — where TITA Productions is fully bootstrapped. So it has taken a lot out of me to say, “Take that risk. Have the faith that what you are creating is of value and will bring you value.” So it’s been really a lot but at the same time, always reminding myself that I have to really enjoy the ride. And honestly, again, I have to say shout out to you because you working as, you know, the Marketing Lead, as the Co-host of this podcast; it’s really brought a different level, a different dimension to the project.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 22:00
Awwn, thank you!

Host Triple A 22:01
And it’s been amazing because when it comes to entrepreneurship, I might be a bit slower in the way I process things, meaning that before I even met you, I had an idea that “Okay, I want to have a co-host” and stuff. It took me over a year to settle.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 22:25

Host Triple A 22:28
And then you appeared.

Host Triple A 22:39
That’s another story! (Laughter) I was your gift from the universe…

Host Triple A 23:18
In 2022… (Laughter)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 23:36
Yah, okay! (Laughter)

Host Triple A 23:40
Yes! (Laughter)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 23:47
(Laughter) No, I love it. I love it! No, definitely. I love what you said about entrepreneurship because I feel like, even for me, you know. I’m currently in that phase as well. I’m more like doing my own thing now. And I’ve realized that, that also has really opened my brain into loving creative projects. Like before… I do love Digital Marketing, but it was more of like me working as a robot. I felt like I wasn’t really creating and really allowing myself to pour all that creativity inside of me into the project.

Host Triple A 24:42
And you have so much!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 24:42
Yeah! So I noticed that creative projects really make me come alive. And that’s how -guys- that’s how I got in touch with Angela. That’s how we met for the first time because I wanted to work on a project, a creative project actually she was working on. And that’s how we started talking.

Host Triple A 25:04
Absolutely! Guys, there’s so much more to this story. I’m actually really excited about sharing that with you. And that’s why we penned a beautiful, heartfelt blog post for you. Go check it out. The name is “The pledge to evolve with purpose: how The DOM Podcast came into being”. You will get to know much, much more about how our paths crossed. Yeah.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 25:30
Absolutely. So this is us, guys. Yes! And to wrap up this segment –remember, the segment is called “Walk The Talk”– we want to leave you with another power packed blogpost with so many tips you can relate to. And it’s on the TITA Blog on our website, TITAproductions.com. The title is “How to reinvent yourself in this fast changing world”. Stay with us, because we’re taking you to our next segment! (Jingle)

Host Triple A 26:08
Now let’s dive into our next segment called “Fascination”; a segment where we share with you one of our great findings of the week…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 26:18
… and give a solid shout-out to an entrepreneur currently launching or doing something very unique.

Triple A and Muriel Tekou 26:25
It’s Fascination time!!! (Jingle)

Host Triple A 26:39
Okay, Muriel. What do you have for us today on “Fascination”?

Co-host Muriel Tekou 26:43

Host Triple A 26:43
Mmmmh! It’s about to get good! (Laughter)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 26:48
(Laughter) Oh, yeah. You know I make that sound when I’m talking about food.

Host Triple A 26:51
Food! Food! Like… Hey guys, she literally dances when she’s eating.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 26:56
Yeah. And also when I’m cooking. Everything about food makes me happy. (Laughter) And guys, I’m vegan so when it comes to even healthy food, not just food, but healthy food… I’ll be dancing, guys! (Laughter) Okay, so that’s why I’m so excited about what I’m about to share with you today. So, do you know…? Let me just paint the scene here. Like, you know how you eat a whole bowl of pasta and then you feel very tired. You just feel sleepy.

Host Triple A 27:25
All the time!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 27:27
Okay. Does it happen to you?

Host Triple A 27:28
All the freaking time!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 27:30
(Laughter) It happens to me too!

Host Triple A 27:31
In the middle of my food, I want to sleep on the table!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 27:33

Host Triple A 27:34

Co-host Muriel Tekou 27:34
Not in the middle?

Host Triple A 27:35
Oh, in the middle!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 27:36
Oh, Girl!!! (Laughter) No, I want to sleep AFTER the meal, okay. And so, here’s the secret: it’s the gluten. That means you and I are gluten intolerant.

Host Triple A 27:49

Co-host Muriel Tekou 27:50
So if it does happen to you who’s listening, you are gluten intolerant! Because gluten-intolerant people are prone to fatigue and tiredness when they eat gluten-packed food. So that’s why today’s discovery is revolutionary!

Host Triple A 28:07
Wow. Tell us, tell us, tell us!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 28:09
We are talking about Aldente Africa, a Nigerian-owned business selling handmade cassava and plantain-based pasta and noodles, guys. She makes pasta and noodles out of cassava and plantain!

Host Triple A 28:26

Co-host Muriel Tekou 28:26
Completely gluten-free! And you know how gluten-free stuff here in Ghana is very expensive?

Host Triple A 28:34
Super expensive!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 28:34
And I sometimes find myself buying those because I don’t want to have to sleep after my meals and stuff like that. But it’s expensive. But to have that in Africa and easy to… Oh, exciting!

Host Triple A 28:46
Woaw, woaw!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 28:46
Yeah. And one thing that is very important is that Aldente Africa is among the first companies in Nigeria to make gluten free pasta. And it is owned by this Nigerian lady called Renee Chuks; shout out Renee!

Host Triple A 29:02
Shout out Renee Chuks!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 29:04
And she is a trained chef. She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in 2011. And one other thing that is very interesting. Let me mention this: she launched Aldente Africa in 2020 lockdown. Whew!

Host Triple A 29:22
When everybody was home and…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 29:24
During COVID.

Host Triple A 29:25

Co-host Muriel Tekou 29:25
And everybody was depressed (Laughter) and tired. And…

Host Triple A 29:29

Co-host Muriel Tekou 29:30
It was a very heavy moment…

Host Triple A 29:31
… and annoyed.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 29:32
For all of us. Even me, I was like all over the place.

Host Triple A 29:34
And uninspired.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 29:35
Yeah. And she’s not the only one. There’s plenty of other people that actually felt inspired by that time. And I feel like it’s amazing to rise, to create something so beautiful out of like the ashes that were 2020.

Host Triple A 29:48

Host Triple A 29:48
Yeah, yeah. I love it. And also, when I was reading she said that the thought of growing what we eat and sharing it with the world rather than importing was what launched the idea. And that’s powerful!

Host Triple A 30:06
This is so powerful. This is so needed. I think it solves a lot of problems.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 30:11
And she infuses her pasta with herbs and vegetables.

Host Triple A 30:14
No, wait, wait, wait. Hang on. In the pasta…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 30:17
I know…

Host Triple A 30:18
She has herbs. I mean, is it the stew on top?

Co-host Muriel Tekou 30:22

Host Triple A 30:23
It’s… it’s inside the pasta? (Laughter)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 30:27
I know! Like, you know, you have a whole gluten free thing. And it’s also made with herbs and vegetables. It’s so healthy.

Host Triple A 30:33
So it’s like a superfood?

Co-host Muriel Tekou 30:34
It’s a superfood!

Host Triple A 30:35

Co-host Muriel Tekou 30:36
And she makes it affordable. So that it’s really… You know how everything is so expensive these days, so when you can afford healthy food at a very, you know… it’s cool.

Host Triple A 30:48
Yeah! to make it a lifestyle, to make it easier to stick to a very healthy lifestyle basically.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 30:56
Ain’t that amazing, though?

Co-host Muriel Tekou 30:57
This is so amazing, Muriel! Honestly! Yeah. And then, I think the other thing that I find fascinating about that is that her gluten free products are made in a way that they can be consumed by people of all ages…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 31:09
All ages, even kids can eat it.

Host Triple A 31:11
Exactly. Basically there are no artificial preservatives. It’s non-GMO, the packaging, mmh! Eco-friendly!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 31:20
Huge for the environment.

Host Triple A 31:21
Absolutely. Absolutely. And like you mentioned, you know, using locally grown crops to help improve food security in Nigeria… I find this really amazing. And guys, just to remind you that Nigeria is one of the world’s biggest producers of cassava. So for her to do something out of what they produce… this is the way!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 31:42
This is the way! Like she’s booming the economy of her country.

Host Triple A 31:46
Amazing. She’s doing something. Exactly. So guys, Aldente products can be purchased on Paystack.shop/aldenteafrica. On Instagram, you can follow Aldente products on @Aldenteeee with four “E”s. (Spells it out) Remember it’s four “E”s (Laughter, go follow them on Instagram. And for Renee, you can follow Renee on Instagram @ReneeOfLagos (Spells it out). Shout outs to Renee and to all of our Naija brothers and sisters.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 32:30
(Jingle) Let’s slow things down a bit as we dive into our next segment, “Soothe Your Soul”, a guided meditation session. Go ahead, relax your shoulders. Take a deep breath. And let’s begin. (Soundtrack)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 33:17
This is a gratitude meditation. Thank you for being here. When you’re ready and comfortable, gently close your eyes and set a relaxing scene in your mind. If you are in a place where you can do so. If not, it’s okay. Think about something that makes you feel relaxed. I am going to ask you to take three purposeful breaths. And when you exhale, allow your belly to expand and exhale with a sigh. (Exhales)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 33:59
One more time, and one last time. I invite you now to gently open your eyes and take a look around the space where you find yourself in right now. Look around you and find things that you can have gratitude or appreciation for. And actually say full sentences silently in your mind. Sentences like “I appreciate the way the sun is coming through the window right now.” Or, “I have gratitude for the car that I’m driving.” Or, “I am grateful for my coworker.” Or, “The sound of my children playing in the living room.” No matter what it is for you, say it. I am going to be quiet for a minute to let you think about a few things you have gratitude for. (Soundtrack)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 35:17
Remember to say the sentences, “I have appreciation for this. I have gratitude for that.” And remember, no matter what you’re dealing with right now, you are alive! So keep counting your blessings. And now I invite you to look inside. How do you feel? Just notice without judging yourself. Perhaps what you notice is that you feel really good and calm. And your heart is filled with the things you mentioned, having gratitude for. And even if you feel like crying right now, just let your tears flow. It’s okay. Expressing gratitude is a healing. (Soundtrack) Also, if there’s a part of you resisting that feeling of calmness, making you think that you did not deserve to be calm and free right now, give it a mental hug. And remind yourself that you’re worthy of all the beautiful things you’re currently grateful for. Now, gently place your hand on your chest. Feel your heartbeat. In this moment, there is so much going right for you. Feel grateful for that. I would like to invite you to imagine what it would feel like to do this from time to time. When you wake up in the morning, or when you’re cooking, or even when you’re commuting to work. Remember to say at least three to five things you’re grateful for. (Soundtrack)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 37:35
And with that, we have completed this meditation today. You are precious. Thank you so much for joining me today! I love you. (Soundtrack)

Host Triple A 38:03
Wow, that was such a soothing meditation session.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 38:09
Yeah. And I feel like it’s so important for us to give thanks, to be grateful from time to time

Host Triple A 38:16
I’m still into that session.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 38:18
(Laughter) Girl, it really, really reframes your mind, let me tell you. Just no matter… and I feel like when people think about gratitude, they think that they have to be grateful for huge things.

Host Triple A 38:30
It should be for the little things.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 38:31
The little things!

Host Triple A 38:32
Literally being grateful, for example… let’s say in a country like Ghana, being grateful for the peace. That is so important, that is so underrated.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 38:42
I know! Yeah.

Host Triple A 38:44
Being grateful, if for example, you are not disabled, being grateful for your fingers moving…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 38:48
What are you grateful for, right now?

Host Triple A 38:50
Right now?

Co-host Muriel Tekou 38:50

Host Triple A 38:53
The list is so long.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 38:55
No, one thing.

Host Triple A 38:56
One thing?

Co-host Muriel Tekou 38:57
Like, right now, on the spot. [Long pause] I would say I’m grateful for you. I would say, you and I met at the right time and what you and I are creating together right now… it’s just beautiful! I’m just happy that we’re doing this and I’m grateful for that right now.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 38:57
I think it was a match made in heaven.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 39:12
(Laughter) How about you? Say it!

Host Triple A 39:17
It’s the same.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 39:18
Ouh! Okay.

Triple A and Muriel Tekou 39:18

Host Triple A 39:21
It’s exactly the same. Because what we’re doing are things that, you know, are very dear to us, as creative people.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 39:35
And we understand each other.

Host Triple A 39:36
We do.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 39:37
We really… there’s like a good flow when we’re working. It’s not like we’re stepping on each other’s toes. We actually listen to each other. And then we also bring out the best in each other.

Host Triple A 39:51
This is so important. Guys, wherever you are, if you are maybe introverted or you might even be extroverted. But maybe you don’t have a best friend? I wish you to have a best friend like Muriel.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 40:03
And if you do have a best friend, right now, text them, tell them…

Host Triple A 40:07
Let them know…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 40:08
… I’m listening to The DOM Podcast and they said I should tell you I love you. (Laughter) Okay?

Host Triple A 40:13
(Laughter) Absolutely. Go ahead, do that. Nah, but totally, I mean. I really felt your mediation session because it’s like, it puts you back into the present, you know. And being the present is really where the point of power is to create a life that you are truly inspired by and satisfied with.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 40:36
I’m looking forward to your prayer, Girl.

Host Triple A 40:39
Yeah, it’s almost time to go to the prayer session. Let’s go! (Jingle)

Host Triple A 40:56
It’s 7:7 o’clock, your three minutes of affirmative prayer, to get what you want by asking for it, by seeking it, by knocking boldly because it is not a privilege, but your full right to manifest all that is good for your highest purpose. Ask, seek, knock, it’s all you need to keep doing. And you don’t have to do it alone. We can do it together. (Jingle)

Host Triple A 41:39
Today, we are concentrating on your inner frequency. If your utmost priority is to raise your vibe, and make the most of your human experience, every single day, then you know what? This prayer is for you. Now close your eyes and repeat after me.

Host Triple A 42:13
I am balanced. I am light. Life is a dance between day and night. As I elevate myself into this higher frequency of spiritual awareness, wrapped in unconditional love, I release all that has finished serving its purpose and embrace all that is essential to propel me forward. I open my purse for financial abundance to flow through. I open my heart for love and happiness. To fill it up. I open my eyes for clarity to guide me every step of the way. I am focused. I am optimistic. I am calm, in the knowing that I am divinely sheltered and guided by mind Creator and that everything is coming together for the beautiful, bigger picture. My heart’s righteous desires are being fulfilled as I align with my highest version of Self. I am ready to step up and be great! Abundance and harmony are my birthright! Today and every day, I commit to aligning with my purpose. So help me God. Amen.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 44:07
Amen. Oh, this was deep. This was deep. I really liked the fact that you said “abundance and harmony are my birthright”.

Host Triple A 44:17
It is. I think it’s knowing that it’s part of your identity. I mean, God gives us that.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 44:22
He does.

Host Triple A 44:23

Co-host Muriel Tekou 44:25
And the fact that you said something about being calm in the knowing that you’re guided by the Creator.

Host Triple A 44:31
This is faith.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 44:32
It is. Absolutely, absolutely. (Laughter)

Host Triple A 44:36
So I really hope that people listening out there, you know, listening to this prayer, repeating maybe in their head, maybe out loud. I hope it guides you, I hope it guides them.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 44:49
Yeah. So remember to always say your gratitude, recenter yourself, and pray for guidance. You know.

Host Triple A 44:57
I think guidance is a very good word. I think guidance is what is needed when you are reinventing yourself…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 45:03

Host Triple A 45:04
… which is basically the topic about this episode.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 45:05
Yeah, and there’s this one thing that I always tell myself when I’m trying to change things. I always say, “Dear God, show me how to better serve the world.” And when you believe in that, trust that anything you’re going to do after that is exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. Always requests for guidance.

Host Triple A 45:31
Absolutely. Absolutely. Totally. So wow, this is the moment where we are wrapping up.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 45:38
Yes. Oh, thank you guys for staying up until now. (Laughter) And if you did listen, up until now you are…?

Host Triple A 45:46

Co-host Muriel Tekou 45:48
Ah-ah! I love it! (Laughter)

Host Triple A 45:51
So guys, to every single one of our listeners out there thank you so much, so, so much for this! I mean, this is our first episode. We’re wrapping it up.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 46:01

Host Triple A 46:01
We said it’s happening.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 46:02

Host Triple A 46:02
It has happened!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 46:03
Yeah, and we did well.

Host Triple A 46:04
Yes, I think. (Laughter)

Co-host Muriel Tekou 46:06
And oh, by the way, you know what? One more set of gifts to our lovely community out there. You know how you become what you see right?

Host Triple A 46:15

Co-host Muriel Tekou 46:15
Well, we designed five wallpapers. Phone wallpapers with positive quotes and affirmations. And it’s free to download in the TITA shop on our website, all under the theme of reinventing yourself with positive thinking.

Host Triple A 46:31
It’s free, guys.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 46:32
It is free. Just go and download.

Host Triple A 46:35
www.TITAproductions.com. Remember (Spells it out), go to the shop. Download your free phone wallpapers.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 46:44
Mm-hmm. And become the best version of yourself.

Host Triple A 46:47
That’s what it done podcast is about.

Co-host Muriel Tekou 46:49
Mm-hm! indeed. And well. That’s a wrap for us.

Host Triple A 46:52
It’s a wrap!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 46:54
Don’t forget to share this episode with a friend, guys. Follow us on Instagram at @itsTheDOMpodcast (Spell is out), and on Twitter at @TheDOMpodcast. Also on YouTube, The DOM Podcast. Like, comment, save, share, DM us or even tweet the parts of this conversation that resonate the most with you or even the part of this conversation that made you laugh (Laughter). Tweet!

Host Triple A 47:23
Absolutely. And remember, we are also on Facebook. So remember to join The DOM Hangout, our dedicated Facebook group for this podcast. You are invited to connect, ask questions in the group, you know, if you need assistance, if you need tips on the most delicate matters that concern you because we got you!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 47:45
Absolutely. And most importantly, don’t forget to rate this podcast on the platform you’re listening to. Leave us a review. And it really helps a lot, right?

Host Triple A 47:56
Five stars, please!

Co-host Muriel Tekou 47:57
Yeah! (Laughter) Thank you, guys!

Host Triple A 48:02
Okay, awesome! No, really. It’s been a joy doing that. Remember guys, we released a new episode…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 48:09
… Every Friday! So, subscribe to our podcast everywhere.

Host Triple A 48:14

Co-host Muriel Tekou 48:15

Host Triple A 48:16

Co-host Muriel Tekou 48:16

Host Triple A 48:18

Co-host Muriel Tekou 48:18
Oh, Girl!

Triple A and Muriel Tekou 48:19
EVERYWHERE! (Laughter)

Host Triple A 48:21
Catch you guys on socials! It’s been a joy doing that. I was your host, Angela Akua Asante aka Triple A and I was joined by my amazing, fabulous, bestie, co-host…

Co-host Muriel Tekou 48:32
Muriel Tekou! Aww, we love you, guys! Take care!

Host Triple A 48:35
Take care! Ciao.

Host Triple A 48:44
This episode of The DOM Podcast was brought to you by TITA Productions. We are TITANS!

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